Stay home, Mimi

Stay home, Mimi

Meet our kitty, Mimi


our cases are made from TPU silicone  and we added squishy bumper sides making sure we protect your phone entirely, no more cracked phone screen or what not anymore!!


MIMI, stay home kitten. 

We came up with this collection after we went through several lockdown phases, but the first month of lockdown went by.. pretty intensely. 


here's a little bits and pieces of what we were doing while staying home 

making dalgona coffee (felt like we were barista a bit there)

binge watching Netflix - because 24 hours seems too much suddenly

we thought putting face mask weekly for beauty was purpose was hard, till we gotta wear surgical mask on a daily basis !!!

  • How To Care For Your Cases

    • avoid oil and chemical products
    • avoid exposure to fragrance
    • do not wipe your cases with alcohol or wet tissues