Lacto-fit Probiotics Slim 1month supply

Lacto-fit Probiotics Slim 1month supply

Who needs this? 

  • Weight watchers who want to keep their bowels healthy 
  • Those who look for easy-to-take and effective probiotics 

What is it made up off & what's the usage? 

  • Probiotics: Prevents pathogen infection in the intestines and aids bowel movement 
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Prevents carbohydrates from converting into fat 

What it does to you? 

  • Suppresses growth of harmful bacteria for smoother bowel movements 

Inhibits the synthesis of fat 

  • Reduces visceral fat as well as waist and hip circumference 

How to consume? 

  • Take two sticks a day without water, before or after a meal. 


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