iPhone XS

iPhone XS

we're clearing our shelves to make room for bolder and more unique things to be delivered to your doorstep. 

  • FYI

    all our cases are brand newand unused,

    however, due to the fact that it's been on our shelves for quite some time, our cases have turned slightly cloudy and yellow for our TPU silicone cases.
    But for our matte finishing cases as well as silicone cases, they are in perfect condition.


    we're selling it even below cost price because we want to find in a forever home rather than throwing them out.
    this is really, the last chance for them to find a forever home before we discard them off.


    disclaimer: if you can't accept slightly defect or changed color cases, please don't buy these clearance collection.

RM29.00 Regular Price
RM10.00Sale Price