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Our Story

A special note from our founder, Michelle Tan. 

have you ever felt like society is pushing you to put a label on you? 

how often do you not have the correct answer when someone ask you, " what's your style type? 

what's your favourite genre? you should wear this, you should like this cause 10,000 people liked this post"

In KittyMeowCo, I sell everything from accessories to clothing apparels to gadgets that range from cute to aesthetic to minimalistic. Because I don't believe someone need to just pick one side, one style, one niche. Everyone is built different, so is KittyMeowCo. 

owner of kittymeowco

Our Journey

All items are sourced and picked by our founder herself who sourced for manufacturers & suppliers all over the world to satisfy all her crazy desires. 

Our #LoyalKitties community is what makes our founder work day and night, and still feel so fulfilled and happy because someone out there is just the same as us. 

In KittyMeowCo, it's usually a one woman show, who works from our headquarters located in Shah Alam, to deliver you all the goodies to your doorstep. 

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